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Robert was very professional and helped me through a very difficult financial crisis. I feel very confident that Robert can handle these hard decisions that must be made. I trust his expert judgment and how he responded to all my legal issues. I never hesitate to call Robert for advice. He has been understanding and very easy to talk with about financial problems. He is just a Great Person.

I contacted Mr. Grossbart at a low point as circumstances for me were quite miserable despite having a lifetime of being a substantial person. Signing on some loans for a very close family member, who in turn defaulted, left me quite vulnerable. Concurrent to that I lost a very high paying position and was left almost penniless. I came to Mr. Grossbart through a friend but didn't hold out much hope. Mr. Grossbart quickly imparted a vast amount of knowledge in a very short period of time.
He was thorough, kind and very firm all at the same time. The speed with which he worked was quite impressive as well and he cleared some old wives tales for me about my problem.

He staff was terrific and quite adept as they steered me through my process and were in contact immediately after any inquiry made by me.

My time working with Mr. Grossbart ran its course in a very "pleasant" manner and was concluded successfully. I highly recommend Robert Grossbart and his firm - as I had experience with other lawyers in the practice as well - they are efficient, caring, elastic in approach, knowledgeable and all have very nice "bedside manner."
A bad situation is now turning around with rapidity and I owe it Robert Grossbart.

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